Health  is life of the highest quality

How do you look after your health in everyday life?

Health and its influence on our lives

Health affects us on several levels. On a physical level, it enables optimal performance, promotes stamina and strengthens the immune system. Mental health influences our thought processes, creativity and emotional stability. Health plays a key role in interpersonal relationships, as it influences our well-being and supports the ability to empathize. A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of illness and promotes a long, fulfilling life. Health also has a significant impact on self-perception and self-confidence, which in turn can have a positive effect on professional success and personal satisfaction

How can OFF DRINK® help to improve health?

Thanks to the harmonious combination of hops, valerian, vitamins C, beta-carotene, thiamine (B1), B6, B12 and L-arginine, OFF DRINK® can promote good health. Beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative stress and supports skin health. In combination with the calming properties of hops and valerian as well as the other vitamins and L-arginine, OFF DRINK® helps to strengthen the immune system, boost energy and promote healthy cardiovascular function - for all-round well-being.

Testimonials from customers

I bought the starter set from you because I was very unwell, had a bad cold and was suffering from depression. After the first few drinks I drank I felt much better, the vitamins in the drink have made me healthy again and my depression has disappeared - I can't believe it - I really need a refill - THANKS TO YOU

Sarah - from Germany

Can I please order another refill set by e-mail? I'm finally starting to feel better with sleep, but one thing is clear: I'm fit and full of energy during the day and I really want to keep drinking it because it tastes so good.


Eva - from Germany

I was recommended your drink by a friend. I am currently going through very stressful times and yes, I had also been taking psychotropic drugs for some time. However, I was able to replace these with your magic drink. You have finally helped me to sleep deeply and soundly again WITHOUT MEDICATION and, above all, to sleep healthily

Franz - from Austria

References to the studies that confirm the effectiveness of OFF DRINK® can be found here: