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How do you help yourself through the menopause?

How the menopause can affect the body

The menopause can be associated with hot flushes, sleep disorders, mood swings and other symptoms. These hormonal changes can also contribute to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. In addition to the symptoms mentioned, weight gain, joint problems and changes in skin texture can also occur. It is important to consider individual symptoms and integrate suitable measures such as a balanced diet, regular exercise and stress-reducing strategies into everyday life .

How can OFF DRINK® help you through the menopause?

The unique OFF DRINK® formula can provide support during the menopause. Hops and valerian promote relaxation, thiamine and B vitamins support energy metabolism, while beta-carotene provides antioxidant benefits. L-arginine can improve circulation and the B vitamins play a key role in mood regulation and energy. These ingredients work together synergistically to cushion hormonal changes. They can help to alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes and insomnia, improve overall quality of life and promote wellbeing during the menopause.

Testimonials from customers

Today I would like to say THANK YOU for your great drink. We are all totally thrilled. Especially my mother. She has been sleeping with sleeping pills every day for at least 15 years. And since she started drinking the sleeping drink, she hasn't needed a sleeping pill since the fourth day. Simply brilliant! And above all, she has a completely different quality of life than before.

Birgit - from Austria

I bought the starter set from you because I was very unwell, had a bad cold and was suffering from depression. After the first few drinks I drank I felt much better, the vitamins in the drink have made me healthy again and my depression has disappeared - I can't believe it - I really need a refill - THANKS TO YOU

Sarah - from Germany

Can I please order another refill set by e-mail? I'm finally starting to feel better with sleep, but one thing is clear: I'm fit and full of energy during the day and I really want to keep drinking it because it tastes so good.


Eva - from Germany

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