Fulfillment through top sporting performance

Which method do you use to increase your performance?

Why do we strive for top sporting performance?

We strive for peak athletic performance in order to overcome personal limits, maximize physical fitness and develop mental strength. The desire for peak performance is often driven by a quest for self-improvement, self-realization and a sense of fulfillment. Sporting excellence not only offers physical health benefits, but also the opportunity to overcome challenges and experience personal growth. The efforts and successes in sport can also boost self-esteem and have a positive impact on other areas of life.

How can OFF DRINK® help improve your athletic performance?

The OFF DRINK® formula can have a positive effect on your athletic performance. The calming properties of hops and valerian can promote relaxation and regeneration, while thiamine and B vitamins can support energy metabolism. Beta-carotene as an antioxidant can protect against oxidative stress. L-arginine, an amino acid, can improve blood flow, which can improve muscle oxygenation and increase endurance. Overall, this balanced blend can set the stage for improved athletic performance

Testimonials from customers

Today I would like to say THANK YOU for your great drink. We are all totally thrilled. Especially my mother. She has been sleeping with sleeping pills every day for at least 15 years. And since she started drinking the sleeping drink, she hasn't needed a sleeping pill since the fourth day. Simply brilliant! And above all, she has a completely different quality of life than before.

Birgit - from Austria

OFF DRINK was recommended to me because I sleep very little and poorly. I've already noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, it's getting better every night! And my wife also says that I am no longer so nervous and restless, which makes me very happy and satisfied.


Otto - from Germany

I bought the starter set from you because I was very unwell, had a bad cold and was suffering from depression. After the first few drinks I drank I felt much better, the vitamins in the drink have made me healthy again and my depression has disappeared - I can't believe it - I really need a refill - THANKS TO YOU

Sarah - from Germany

References to the studies that confirm the effectiveness of OFF DRINK® can be found here: