Who is behind    OFF DRINK®?

About us

We are a dedicated team that has made it our mission to develop and offer purely plant-based products. Our goal is to create innovative solutions that can improve the quality of life without the potential side effects of comparable products.

We rely on the power of nature to create products that not only meet individual needs, but also contribute to environmentally friendly healthcare. With a holistic approach, we pursue the goal of helping people to promote their health in a natural way.

OFF DRINK® is now our first product available on the market. In our intensive search for carefully researched, purely herbal products, we came across the unique formula of OFF DRINK®. This proven formula has been successfully on the market for over a decade, but is mainly available in pharmacies and drugstores. In order to make this impressive innovation accessible to a wider customer base, we have not only optimized the product, but also adapted the distribution channels and are now presenting it under a new name

OFF DRINK® is sold exclusively via our webshop. In this way, we ensure that we can respond optimally to your needs. Direct distribution without intermediaries means that you always have direct contact with the team that has researched the product and can draw on over 10 years of experience in its use. In addition, you can order OFF DRINK® on a subscription basis so that you don't have to worry about anything. Shipping is always free, regardless of which country you come from. We also cover costs such as customs duties and VAT if you order from abroad.

Join us in discovering the variety and effectiveness of purely plant-based products for a better, more natural life.

Your founding team

Patrick & Mike