Insights into the development and production of OFF DRINK

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how OFF DRINK is made? Today we're giving you an exclusive insight into the production process - from selecting and sourcing the ingredients to filling them into practical sachets. Join us on this exciting journey!

1. Selection and procurement of ingredients

It all starts with selecting the best ingredients. Our sleep drink is made from only the best organic vegan ingredients. These ingredients are sourced from certified organic suppliers and must pass strict quality controls before they enter production.

The hops contained in OFF DRINK are a little more complex, as we accompany the entire process from cultivation to the production of the powder. This is necessary because this special hop variety is only grown in very small quantities and is not available on the market as a powder.

2. Quality inspection and storage

As soon as we receive the ingredients, they are thoroughly tested in our laboratory. We check them for purity, taste, solubility in water, foreign bodies, carriers and much more. Only when all tests have been passed are the ingredients stored safely and dryly in our warehouse until they go into production. We are not tied to suppliers and sometimes we change suppliers if the quality is not/no longer right.

3. Mixture of ingredients

The next step is mixing the ingredients. State-of-the-art technology is used here:

  • Mixing machines: Our high-performance mixers ensure that all ingredients are mixed evenly and thoroughly. This is crucial for the consistency and effectiveness of the end product.
  • Continuous monitoring: During the mixing process, our team constantly monitors the quality and consistency of the mixture.

4. Filling in sachets

After mixing, the product is bottled. We do not carry out the bottling process ourselves, but here too we apply our strict quality guidelines. Bottling takes place in Austria:

  • Filling machines: The finished mixture is transported to our automated filling machines. These machines are set up to fill exactly the right amount of powder into each sachet.
  • Sealing: Once the sachets have been filled, they are sealed to preserve the freshness and quality of the powder. Our machines ensure a tight and secure seal.

5. Packaging

As soon as the sachets are sealed, they are packaged:

  • Packaging: The sachets are packed in boxes that are also made from environmentally friendly materials. We attach great importance to sustainability. The packaging is still done by hand.

6. Quality control and shipping

Before our product leaves the factory, it undergoes a final quality check:

  • Samples: Samples are taken from each production batch and tested to ensure that they meet our high standards.
  • Shipping: As soon as the quality control has been completed, the finished products are shipped to our warehouses in Germany and Switzerland.

7. Sustainability and innovation

We pay attention to sustainability throughout the entire process:

  • Sustainable packaging: Our packaging is made from recyclable materials and we are constantly working to reduce our ecological footprint. For example, we use shipping packaging that is specially tailored to the OFF DRINK Box - this allows us to save on padding material.
  • Innovation: We continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and find new ways to further improve OFF DRINK.

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into our production processes and that it has shown you how much care and passion goes into every single OFF DRINK.


Sleep well and stay healthy! 🌙

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